Associação Animals Lost Paradise Found
Helping Stray and Abandoned Animals in the East Algarve
Our goals are simple.  We want to ensure our association helps in the saving and re- homing of animals in the East Algarve.  We want to help in the treatment and sterilisation of cats and dogs to ensure the population numbers don’t keep on increasing. This can only be achieved with the continued support of donations, sponsorship and fundraising in the community. We are just an acorn at present, but with the support from others we hope that one day we will stand tall as a mighty Oak Currently the association has 145 rescued animals living onsite, which have all been rescued and now are part of the family.  We want to give all the animals that come to the association the feeling of being wanted and loved no matter if they are just passing through or staying a little longer.  Everybody gets the same care and respect that all animals deserve. This website is designed to show you the visitor how we need help and how you can assist in a variety of ways.  Not only money is required although always very useful, but volunteers to help with fund raising events and the animals will also make that difference

Little Benji #rescuepup

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