Association for abandoned Cats and Dogs in the East Algarve
Our Story
We bought a field Some time back we were looking for a piece of land, we found a lovely piece near Alcoutim, I enquired about said piece of land but it had been withdrawn from the net. Sometime later a friend mentioned to us that a large piece of land had become available at a good price. We got details and it happened to be the piece of land that we were going to have a look at before. Fate or destiny comes to mind. We went to the land and it is beautiful like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but only a 2km from civilisation. We were met with two dogs that appear to have been left. We named them scamp and lady. They had a shelter in an old car and a bathtub of water also there was some food on the floor. They were very nervous but after a little time and a chocolate biscuit they became friendly. Scamp took the biscuit and broke it in half for lady, so sweet. We made a Pact with the dogs to return n a few days time with more food. Next time we came to the field, we bought more food and water both dogs were there and really pleased to see us. We made a fuss of them and they were quite happy for us to leave. The next visit we found that someone had stolen the dogs water bath, so Scamp and lady had no water in over 38 degrees heat, so we  nipped into Alcoutim 7 km away to find a shop for water and bowls. We went back to the field, filled the bowls up, the poor dogs couldn’t of had water for a few days as they both drank and drank. We filled the bowls with food. And promised we would be back.. Father’s day, we took our parents to see where we are going to eventually live.  Scamp and Lady very pleased to see us. On our next trip to the field, Scamp was on his own with Lady nowhere to be seen.  We checked the field for any sign of lady, no sign. But with the water bowls still fairly full and the food bowls still quite full, we feel she has been gone a few days. We gave Scamp some meat food which he didn’t woof down, but ate it slowly, so a good sign he was not hungry anymore. We hung around for a while making a fuss of Scamp, who promptly jumped into the van hoping we would take him.  We discussed whether to leave scamp or take him to our mad house.  But we decided that if we took scamp back and lady came back she would be worried. So we left scamp there just in case Lady turned up.  It was a very sad face we left behind, but we will go back Saturday and if Lady was not there we would bring Scamp back and see what happens. Saturday came and we went to the field. Scamp still on his own. It also looked like Lady had not been back as there was still lots of food and water left in the bowls.  Scamp so pleased to see us, so we bought Scamp back to our house as promised. A few days later we went back to the field on the off chance Lady was back, but not very hopeful although we had to go back just in case.  As we drove up we could see a pair of ears poking out from the brick structure. We drove up the drive and a very waggy dog greeted us.  Lady was back and so pleased to see us, so looks like Lady was coming back with us too. Friday the 11th July 2014 we signed the deeds for our Field.  A great day, we came home and celebrated with the dogs, telling them that we had a brought the field that eventually they would be able to run and run.

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